Doncaster, Victoria

Lease Acquisition Case Study


  • The property owner, a community organisation, was not aware that a wireless telecommunications tower ground lease was a valuable asset that they could monetise.
  • They were undertaking lease renewal negotiations directly with the tower owner at the time and the negotiations centred on the tower company requesting a decrease in the annual rent in exchange for a lease extension.

Everest Solution

  • After discussing their organisation’s needs, Everest tailored a proposal to meet their unique financial needs.
  • Everest helped to educate the community organisation in relation to the telecommunication industry, which allowed them to make a better-informed long-term decision.
  • Shortly thereafter, the organisation’s Board and Committee discovered that under their charter they could not proceed with a lease buyout. Nonetheless, Everest continued to support the President of the Committee with the tower lease re-negotiation, and after a few weeks, a new lease was agreed on improved terms including an increase in the annual rent.

“As a small not-for-profit community centre, we have no real knowledge of what the value of our tower lease was worth, or indeed, what to expect when entering into lease negotiations. Throughout our negotiations I always found Everest to be courteous, highly professional and honest.

Everest went to great lengths to explain the infrastructure environment around tower leases in a totally transparent manner. The entire process was easy to follow, and I felt comfortable that Everest had provided us with all relevant information to enable us to make an informed decision on the value of our lease.

The offer put to us by Everest appeared more than fair and in fact was quite a bit more attractive than another proposal put forward by an infrastructure organisation similar to theirs.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Everest Infrastructure Partners to landowners.”

— Dennis G.