Habana, Queensland

Lease Acquisition Case Study


  • The landowner had been exploring the sale of their wireless telecommunications lease for over a year, but couldn’t agree terms with any investor.
  • The landowner’s priority was to ensure financial security into retirement along with safeguarding their rights and interests over their property.

Everest Solution

  • After numerous discussions with the landowner to fully understand their specific needs, Everest provided a bespoke proposal to satisfy their future financial needs.

“My dealings with Everest were pleasurable. I felt that we were on the right track, right from the start.

I would describe the process as fair and honest. I was impressed with the flexible payment terms, the price offered and I was given a flexible payment system for taxation purposes.

Everest was always to the point and was a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Everest Infrastructure Partners without a doubt.”

— Felix V.