Victor Harbor, South Australia

Lease Acquisition Case Study


  • Everest approached the landowner with a financial proposal for the buyout of their Vodafone tower ground lease.
  • Running a busy business, this self-employed landowner was time poor and needing a quick and easy path to settlement with a contract that didn’t overly burden the land.
  • The landowner was seeking to fund their upcoming retirement including a holiday to visit family in the UK.
  • The landowner was also concerned about unfinished repairs to a retaining wall that was damaged by contractors acting on behalf of tower owner.

Everest Solution

  • Everest was conscious of landowner’s time constraints and communicated in a manner that suited the landowner’s schedule being after work hours.
  • Everest quickly tailored its buyout proposal in order to meet the landowner’s prompt settlement requirement.
  • Everest ensured that the unfinished repairs were completed by the contractor.
  • Everest settled this transaction within a month following commercial agreement with the landowner.

“I found Everest very enjoyable to work with and felt at ease that I was talking to people who listened to my concerns and were accommodating to my needs. They were also great to communicate with, appreciating that I run a busy business and were concise and clear in their calls and emails. I’d happily speak to other landowners of leases about my experience with Everest Infrastructure.”

— Rick P.