Yallingup, Western Australia

Lease Acquisition Case Study


  • In 2021, Everest provided the landowner a complimentary financial appraisal for the buyout of a Telstra tower ground lease
  • Prior to Everest’s proposal, the landowner had been contacted numerous times and over many years by various investors but wasn’t offered a solution that met their needs. Additionally, the landowner was uncertain about the legalities, financial implications, and the settlement process.

Everest Solution

  • Everest provided a generous offer that was previously unrivaled. Everest’s involvement resulted in a settlement that was 30% higher than previous offers.
  • Everest’s transparent contract structure made the settlement process straightforward and was a major deciding factor for the landowner to select Everest to partner with.
  • This landowner shared that they can now retire earlier than planned.

“Looking at Everest’s website and seeing they had a great profile reassured me. Everest’s consultant also lived in the district where I’m from and had local knowledge which helped. Everest was a great help, asked many questions and understood what I needed, and kept in contact with me through the process. Everest even helped me through my meltdowns when it seemed to be taking too long.

I do not earn a lot of money and I am about to retire, so getting the tax structure right was important. Everest advised me to engage an accountant and created a structure that minimized the tax I had to pay.

The contract registration was held up by Landgate and was taking a long time. Everest helped me draft a legal letter that speed up the process and put my application on the top of the pile. This was paid for by Everest Infrastructure.

I would definitely recommend Everest Infrastructure to anyone that is considering selling their lease.”

— Christine B.